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Born in the picturesque city of Maldonado (near the exclusive coastal resort town of Punta del Este) in Uruguay during the advent of democracy following a brutal military dictatorship, Guillermo began, from a very young age, to explore the world of music, the electronic sound and the new images appearing out of the exploding Anglosaxon music industry.
While he tried to avoid being caught up, and indeed controlled, by the attractions of the massive icons of the 20th Century, he realised he couldn't, and decided to work with the same mediums to present a different view.
After learning about the different languages he understood that an image is not worth a thousand words (or to quote US photographer Lewis Hine, "If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera.")... so he chose photography. Even though he barely lived during the age when the cost of producing one picture was 1 dollar and, as a result, photography was not 'infinite', he practises the theory of watching, thinking and then shooting. None of his pictures are digitally modified in any way. His trademark is to avoid post production editing because he wants every image to faithfully portray the subject using 'only' light, reality and subjectivity.

In 2012 he finished university, graduating with a Bachelor's of Science of Communication after reinforcing his studies in the audiovisual, photography and journalism fields. Curious and critical by nature, he has discovered in photo art a way to express the human essence while transmitting the energy of the moment. Live shows of rock and roll and heavy metal feed his collection. Guillermo sees himself... bridging the huge gap, as a kind of Robert Capa of rock, where the concert is the war field and to get real shots of the heroes, you need to stand on the frontline and give your best to fire wisely and accurately.


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