The most important Metal festival in South America

Starting april 12, three days of massive metal madness will be held in the Movistar Arena. A destructor selected group of bands from glam metal to brutal death, combining living legends who had written the history of heavy metal, with most astonishing new blood musicians. Fourteen international and sixteen local chilean bands will give life to this encounter. 

The Metal Fest it´s been crowned for the second time as the king of metal gigs in Santiago de Chile. In 2012, 25 thousand metalheads attended the weekend´s most incredible moshpit and headbanging zone. 
The all 16 bands from Chile called to battle over the warfield are: Saken, Nimrod, Recrucide, Alto Voltaje, Melektaus, Enigma, Battlerage, Nuclear, Inquisición, Orategod, Animus Mortis, Kythrone, Sadism, Atomic Agressor, Undercroft, Torturer.
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Publicado 06 Apr 2013 por gcfotoperiodismo

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