We have built a strong legacy of volunteerism.

Our people have skills. They devote them in volunteer efforts around the world.

In 2017, 83 percent of employees reported volunteering.

What do we do? Well ...

  • Marketers in Minnesota help non-profit organizations with marketing challenges. Since the program began, over 200 volunteers have completed over 60 projects. There currently are nine other projects underway. 
  • In India, our employees support the work of BAIF Development Research Foundation, a local non-profit that addresses food insecurity, literacy and healthy living in the communities near the General Mills Sinnar Plant. In FY 21, the program also included a scholarship opportunity for 17 girls funded through BAIF with mentorship by General Mills employees.
  • More than 420 General Mills employees and retirees have volunteered with Partners in Food Solutions in Africa. 

*   *   *

“Volunteering with Partners in Food Solutions challenges us,” says Scott Myers, senior principal engineer at General Mills.

“As an engineer, it’s easy to just throw money at a problem. But these are problems we couldn’t throw money at, yet we still had to come up with good solutions – and that is a great skill to hone.