Simple quality

Simple ingredients and thoughtful preparation make great tasting food.


We take pride in our quality ingredients, chosen with care from farm and field.  We follow the utmost standards in selecting our ingredients and preparing your food.

Consumers increasingly seek products with simpler ingredient lists.

From vegetables to yogurt to whole grains and more, our quality ensures you the best value with our products.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Food Should Taste Good was created with the goal of making a unique snack with great taste. This line of sophisticated chips and crackers, made from quality ingredients, is gluten-free and certified Kosher.
  • Cascadian Farm is one of the leading organic brands in the U.S., offering a range of organic cereals, granola bars, and frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • Cheerios has been a family favorite for years. Its wholesome goodness is perfect for toddlers to adults and everyone in between. Made from whole grain oats, and without artificial flavors or colors, Cheerios is naturally low in fat and cholesterol free. Plus, these wholesome little “o’s” have only one gram of sugar.
  • Lärabar uses only fruit, nuts, and spices that are simply combined and mixed together.   Lärabar varieties are as close to the original state of their ingredients as possible.
  • With Häagen-Dazs, our approach is simple. It starts with selecting the highest-quality ingredients in the world, such as vanilla from Madagascar, chocolate from Belgium and macadamia nuts from Hawaii. These ingredients go into our super-premium ice creams using only fresh cream and other natural ingredients. Our commitment to uncompromising quality makes Häagen-Dazs the number one super-premium ice cream in the world – perfect for a special treat.