Minneapolis Grants

To support strong communities and equitable social outcomes in Minneapolis, we partner with organizations across the region to make a difference in measurably impactful and sustainable ways.  


Emboldened to accelerate the pace and durability of change for racial equity, we are taking a collective action approach.  To bring to bear the full impact potential of our region’s business sector to advance racial equity, General Mills developed and engages deeply to support the Minnesota Business Coalition for Racial Equity (MBCRE). By listening, working and learning from community in a connected and coordinated way, we are helping to activate the combined resources and resolve of scores of Minnesota-based organizations to help accelerate progress in racial equity. Read more about the MBCRE.

Minneapolis, MN Grants Program  

General Mills has a longstanding commitment to strengthening our original hometown and world headquarters community of Minneapolis, MN, through grantmaking and volunteerism that addresses pressing local needs, including the advancement of equitable social outcomes in food access and student educational achievement.   

Our philanthropy in Minneapolis prioritizes the following areas; 

  • Equitable Food Access: Supporting strategies and programs that strengthen food security and equitable food access for individuals, families and communities.  
  • Equity in Education: Supporting strategies and programs that increase equitable outcomes in K-12 education for students.

Our Minneapolis giving further prioritizes those nonprofit programs which serve populations that have been historically marginalized or underserved, including households with lower incomes, as well as Black, indigenous and other communities of color.  

Grantmaking Process

To identify nonprofit programs that are well-aligned to our strategic focus areas, our philanthropy team actively engages with a wide range of organizations, community groups and other foundations; immerses in and monitors issues and emerging strategies; and invites proposals from potential grantees based on our philanthropic priorities and targeted social and environmental outcomes.  Accordingly, we are not able to accept unsolicited letters of inquiry, funding proposals or grant requests. Applications for our Minneapolis Hometown Grants Program is by invitation only.    

For invited grantees, General Mills considers operating, program and project grants. Please note we are not accepting capital requests at this time.  

Eligibility Requirements

An organization must meet the following minimum requirements in order to apply for a General Mills  grant: 

  • Organizations must have a current 501(c)(3) Public Charity status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), be a school or a unit of government.
  • Organizations and/or targeted programming must serve  priority populations (I.e. racial and ethnic minorities, historically marginalized and/or underserved, and low-income) in Minneapolis. 

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