Grains have been an important part of a healthy diet for centuries.


The complex carbohydrates in grain-based foods provide essential fuel and are a major source of iron, fiber and essential B vitamins.

General Mills uses the highest quality grains, carefully harvested by select farmers. These grains serve as the basis for products like Nature Valley granola bars, Gold Medal flour, and Big G cereals, made with whole grain.

Our cereal agronomists use conventional breeding methods to develop oat varieties  that make better Cheerios. Our “circle of goodness” approach goes from farm to spoon. We even use our oat hulls, a milling byproduct, to generate heat that fuels our plant and neighboring homes.

Nine out of 10 Americans don’t get the recommended three servings of whole grain each day. General Mills offers many convenient options to boost whole grain consumption.

Delivering whole grain

Including cereal produced through Cereal Partners Worldwide, our cereal-focused joint venture with Nestlé, we are delivering whole grain products to diets around the world every year.