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Pollinators are responsible for a third of the food that you eat. We plan to keep them around.

pollinators graphic bee on yellow flower watch video


With The Nature Conservancy, we are building a road map to help ensure soil health. It's crucial to our food future.

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We’re fighting the ‘mite fight’ with the University of Minnesota Bee Lab. It matters to bees. It should matter to you.

flower, green leaves, bee pollinating


We created a pipeline with difference-maker MealConnect, so that excess food reaches communities in need.

hands holding a container with food in it


Fueling youngsters in school is the goal of the General Mills  Foundation and No Kid Hungry. 

children eating


Building a bridge between healthy food and those who are hungry. That's what North Market aims to do in Minneapolis.

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Quick delivery of perishable food. The General Mills Foundation and Second Harvest are making healthy happen. 

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Campus Kitchens teams with our Foundation to prepare healthy meals from food that would go to waste. 

food being measured and placed in container


We are helping to improve the well-being of smallholder farmers. 

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