Food safety


Safety is a priority focus area for us.

It's part of our culture.

Leading with safety – both the safety of our employees in the workplace and the food we make – is one of the key operating principles that guides our work.

We carry with us our commitment to food safety and strict adherence to the processes and expectations we have been developing for more than half a century. In conjunction with NASA more than 30 years ago. General Mills developed HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points process for ensuring food safety. Today, HACCP is the food industry's gold standard.

Our standards are the same in developed and developing countries, though the food safety challenges vary widely across locations. We tailor training, building the capacity to ensure globally harmonized food safety standards

In fiscal 2020, our commitment to food safety included:

  • Investing US$13.6 million in food safety in fiscal 2019; equal to 9.25% of our total essential supply chain capital investment for the year.
  • More than 400 trained quality professionals on our General Mills food safety team.
  • 93% of our facilities worldwide were audited and/or certified by third parties using globally recognized food safety criteria.
  • 96% of our company-owned production facilities are Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified

Supplier training

Our products are only as safe as the ingredients in them, so General Mills brings together our suppliers around the world to share food safety knowledge and communicate food safety expectations.

We conduct supplier schools in classroom settings tailored to the needs of each market.

Seminars address topics such as biological and physical hazard controls, allergen management and production facility sanitization.

We provide food safety training to employees through our global centers of excellence and online training academy.

In fiscal 2020, we provided food safety training to more than 3,400 professionals across the supply chain.


Our investment in food safety education around the world includes:

  • Suppliers
  • Partners
  • Industry peers
  • Regulators

Food safety leadership is a differentiator for General Mills, but not an area of competition.

We freely share our best practices, emerging areas of concern and regulatory activities to help raise standards industrywide.

We work with industry consortiums, partners and government agencies to advance food safety.

Learn more about Food Safety in our interactive Global Responsibility Report.