Supporting ecosystem health



We are committed to improving the health of ecosystems in our supply chain, which benefits farmers, communities, wildlife, the planet and the food we make. These initiatives help to inform and and support our work in regenerative agriculture.


Thirty -five percent of crop production around the world relies on honey bees and other pollinators to produce fruits and seeds. Many of our products contain honey, fruits, nuts, vegetables and other ingredients that require pollination, so healthy and abundant bee populations are a priority for General Mills.

We work with our suppliers and leading conservationists to conserve and expand bee habitats and fund research to better support the recovery of honey bees.


Since 2011, General Mills and our brands have invested $6 million to support pollinator and research efforts.

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Soil Health

Our business and our planet depend on healthy soil. Soil is imperative for farmers to cultivate healthy crop yields, which General Mills then uses to make food people love. And healthy soil is critical to meeting increasing demands on food, fuel and fiber as our global population grows.

To date, General Mills has invested over $8.5 million in initiatives to improve soil health.

Here are a few examples:

We introduced a soil health roadmap, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, to improve soil health on more than 50 percent of U.S. cropland by 2025.

Our Cascadian Farm brand is working with The Land Institute (TLI) to help commercialize organic Kernza, a perennial grain whose deep roots show promise to increase soil health, carbon sequestration, water retention and enhance surrounding wildlife habitat.

We provided funding to the National Wheat Foundation, working together with the Soil Health Partnership, to conduct soil health research on wheat farms and education outreach to more than 125,000 wheat farmers across the Northern and Southern Plains.

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Global Responsibility Report 2021


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2021 Global Responsibility Report (PDF)

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