Conflicts of interest


Our employees are to act in the best interest of General Mills at all times.

We monitor potential conflicts of interest.

A conflict of interest arises when personal, social, financial or political activities or business relationships interfere with an employee’s objectivity and loyalty to General Mills.

Conflicts – and the appearance of conflicts – must be avoided.

Gifts and entertainment

Gifts and entertainment can create goodwill in our business relationships, but can also make it hard to be objective about the person providing them.

Our choice of suppliers, vendors and partners must be based on objective factors like cost, quality, value, service and ability to deliver.

We avoid even the appearance of making business decisions based on gifts received through these relationships.

Gifts of nominal value (less than $100 from one source and $250 from all sources in a year) are acceptable unless a department has a more stringent gift policy.

When we work with public officials, we are aware that even simple offers such as purchasing a meal or refreshments may be unacceptable or even against the law.