Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition


James Ford Bell served as president and chair of General Mills. He also was an entrepreneur, philanthropist and sportsman.

The BIHN celebrated 55 years of nutrition expertise in 2018. The BIHN website is a nutrition education resource.

The General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition (BIHN) is the company’s global source for scientific health, wellness and nutrition expertise. our mission is to be the source of health, wellness and nutrition knowledge that creates value and growth for General Mills.

The BIHN is comprised of passionate doctorate and master-level scientists and registered dietitians with varied backgrounds – ranging from nutrition science to public health to food science, epidemiology and more.

The BIHN guides General Mills’ product development through:
  • Nutrition science research
  • Insights on regulatory matters
  • Health communications to customers, nutrition communities and consumers
  • Nutrition recommendations for product innovation and reformulation
The BIHN believes in cross sector dialogue and diverse partnerships to advance nutrition research in support of public health. The team collaborates with a range of scientists, universities, consortiums and organizations across the globe to advance nutrition science and public health to help answer multifaceted problems. Learn more about our Nutrition and Food Safety Partnerships and Collaborations.

The BIHN has been a source of health and nutrition expertise for General Mills for over 50 years. The BIHN website is a nutrition education resource for nutrition experts.